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The Boy with a Camera for a Face

'The Boy with a Camera for a Face'

Production Designer: Ollie Tiong

Since completion, Spencer Berkoff's 'The Boy with a Camera for a Face' has been nominated and awarded by numerous festivals. Isle of Man, St Louis, Misfit Film Festival, London Short Film Festival and many, many more have marked the short as a winner and now the short has been made nice and public. On Vimeo alone, it's been played over 100K and that's not remotely surprising because the film is, well, it's it's inspired. And Undercranked's Ollie Tiong production designed it. Which makes it just about perfect.

libertines Heart

The Libertines: 'Heart of the Matter'

NME Awards 2016 - Best Music Video Nomination

Roger Sargent's promo for The Libertines' 'Heart of the Matter' is up for NME Award nomination as Best Music Video. Produced by Burning Reel and art directed by Undercranked's Zoe Koperski, the peep show film sits alongside Rhianna's 'Bitch Better Have Money' and Blur's 'Ong Ong' and has seen a huge amount of hits on YouTube's Vevo.

For the design, Koperski went with a nice and sleazy vibe, with red walls latex walls, bondage knots and Victorian styled props. The effect is dark and delicious and sit right alongside Sargent's vision and the track's message.

Be Now Clock

NOMINATION: Ewan Mulligan

Best Cinematography: Lift Off

Undercranked's director of photography, Ewan Mulligan, has been nominated as Best Cinematograher, for his work on Graham Atkins Hughes' 'Be Now'. The short film, that stars Saskia Reeves and was produced by 78 Productions, premiered at the festival this year, and will also be screening at this year's Kerry Film Festival.

Awards for Lift of will take place on Friday 18th December at Pinewood.

The Treehouse


Anna Mould

Undercranked's Anna Mould has received a nomination for Best Production Designer for her work on Amy Coop's short, 'The Treehouse', at Oklahoma's Red Dirt Film Festival.

The film was made by Angelic Films Production in association with HAUS Pictures and Sleepless Films, and the support of Creative England and the BFI.

Produced by Benedict Turnbull and Amy Coopand has already won several awards from Clean Shorts Film Festival and the Music and Sound Awards.

PG Tips



Undercranked is overjoyed to announce the addition of production designer, Ollie Tiong to our roster of talents.

With a background in architecture, Ollie's work pays close attention to art history, pop culture and cinema, while his direction sits comfortably within all genres. As an integral part of the Secret Cinema team, his production design on live events and a series of high profile promos and commercials has amassed acclaim and awards, while establishing a firm client base. Additionally, Ollie's credits are extensive and list 'DJ Fresh vs Jay Fay ft Ms Dynamite: Dibby Dibby Sound' (The Sacred Egg, Riff Raff Films),


Ewan Mulligan Shoots Glenfiddich Campaign


Undercranked recently completed filming ‘Glenfiddich: Raised in Scotland. Roused in the Caribbean’ for Studio Private and stills photographer and director Benedict Morgan.

The film was shot in London by director of photography Ewan Mulligan, assisted by Manuel F. Sa, and is part of the Glenfiddich’s campaign for the 21 year-old whiskey.

Filmed on RED Dragon, the content’s colour palette of orange and yellow represents Caribbean sunsets, while the slo-mo effect was shot at 200fs and sees a burst of brightness explode behind a bottle of single malt Glenfiddich.

Banished Title



Created by London's Momoco, the titles of Jimmy McGovern's new drama 'Banished' and stunning. Produced by Marlea Edwards, shot by Ewan Mulligan, with make-up by MJ Gotidoc, we are overjoyed to have been a part of their creation.

Momoco has created a wealth of titles content including those for films listing Ridley Scott's 'The Councellor', James Griffiths' 'Cuban Fury', andBaltasar Kormákur's 'Contraband', as well as for television series such as 'Misfits' and 'Luther'.



Short Film

Recently commissioned by Nowness, 'Bromance' is a short film directed by Bertil Nilsson and produced by Victoria Hutchins. Shot on RED Epic Dragon by Undercranked's Ewan Mulligan, the piece follows a trio of circus artists, Louis Gift, Beren D'Amico and Charlie Wheeller of Barely Methodical Troupe (BMT), as they move through the streets and parks and warehouses of London - through natural live spaces in a remarkable way.

The film is organic and slick, the audio uninvasive but smooth, and the content easy and cool and has received an excellent response since release.

UCN Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy


Ah yes it’s time. Well, it's almost time. Yes, it’s only a few weeks until the release of Marvel’s much awaited and anticipated ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. This year's superhero comic caper sees stars twist into the most unlikely galaxy guardians and savers. We have something special and superb here. We have Bradly Cooper as a raccoon, AKA Rocket Racoon, Vin Diesel as a ‘tree like’ big guy called Groot, and Josh Brolin as a super human mutant. Sounds pretty cool and if the trailer is anything to go by this will be one fun film. Directed by James Gunn, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is due for release in the UK at the end of July 2014 and in America the following month.

ART Charlie B and W car

Art Director: Charles Whiteway


Undercranked is proud to announce that Art Director, Charles Whiteway has been added to our roster of production talents.

Whiteway was first published as a photographer at 16 and by 19 was working on film sets, taking stills, later working in production and as an Art Director. During his career, he has established himself as he man who 'gets things done' and as a strong, creative artistic lead.

Today, Whiteway has worked on films, commercials and promos in areas including Europe, Africa and Asia, for production houses, clients and talents listing Nicki Minaj, Kaiser Chiefs, Dizzie Rascal, Eliza Doolittle, Pulse Films, My Accomplice, Unit 9, and HSI, as well as campaigns for leading brands like Nissan, Honda and Stella Artois.