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The Treehouse


Anna Mould

Undercranked's Anna Mould has received a nomination for Best Production Designer for her work on Amy Coop's short, 'The Treehouse', at Oklahoma's Red Dirt Film Festival.

The film was made by Angelic Films Production in association with HAUS Pictures and Sleepless Films, and the support of Creative England and the BFI.

Produced by Benedict Turnbull and Amy Coopand has already won several awards from Clean Shorts Film Festival and the Music and Sound Awards.

PG Tips



Undercranked is overjoyed to announce the addition of production designer, Ollie Tiong to our roster of talents.

With a background in architecture, Ollie's work pays close attention to art history, pop culture and cinema, while his direction sits comfortably within all genres. As an integral part of the Secret Cinema team, his production design on live events and a series of high profile promos and commercials has amassed acclaim and awards, while establishing a firm client base. Additionally, Ollie's credits are extensive and list 'DJ Fresh vs Jay Fay ft Ms Dynamite: Dibby Dibby Sound' (The Sacred Egg, Riff Raff Films),


Ewan Mulligan Shoots Glenfiddich Campaign


Undercranked recently completed filming ‘Glenfiddich: Raised in Scotland. Roused in the Caribbean’ for Studio Private and stills photographer and director Benedict Morgan.

The film was shot in London by director of photography Ewan Mulligan, assisted by Manuel F. Sa, and is part of the Glenfiddich’s campaign for the 21 year-old whiskey.

Filmed on RED Dragon, the content’s colour palette of orange and yellow represents Caribbean sunsets, while the slo-mo effect was shot at 200fs and sees a burst of brightness explode behind a bottle of single malt Glenfiddich.

Elena Riccabona On Pleasure Grounds

New Signing: Elena Riccabona

Production Designer

Undercranked is overjoyed to announce that we have added production designer, Elena Riccabona, to our roster.

Elena graduated with 1st class honours and, following her degree, moved straight into art directing, establishing herself as a sought after talent in her home of Austria. She later re-located to London and today, has worked everywhere from Brazil to India and America.

She has worked as HOD on features and shorts including those for Creative England and BFI; on umpteen commercials for brands listing Swarovski and Alder; onmusic promos for talents including Gorgon City; and extensively in print advertising.

UCN Sundays

Mischa Rozema: 'Sundays'

Short Film

Everything about the short film 'Sundays' is extraordinary. The content. The structure. The CGI. The sound. The score. The script. Everything.

Created by director Mischa Rozema and his production house PostPanic, the post apocalyptic film was conceived on the back of a short script and an aproach from Warner Bros and has been described as an 'existential decent'.

Initially funded as a Kickstarter project, the team looked to source $50,000 for a 5-day shoot in Mexico and further post and CGI work. They raised a little more, receiving $51,237 from 425 backers in July 2012. Filming began in November 2012 and by 2013 a teaser was released.

Banished Title



Created by London's Momoco, the titles of Jimmy McGovern's new drama 'Banished' and stunning. Produced by Marlea Edwards, shot by Ewan Mulligan, with make-up by MJ Gotidoc, we are overjoyed to have been a part of their creation.

Momoco has created a wealth of titles content including those for films listing Ridley Scott's 'The Councellor', James Griffiths' 'Cuban Fury', andBaltasar Kormákur's 'Contraband', as well as for television series such as 'Misfits' and 'Luther'.



Short Film

Recently commissioned by Nowness, 'Bromance' is a short film directed by Bertil Nilsson and produced by Victoria Hutchins. Shot on RED Epic Dragon by Undercranked's Ewan Mulligan, the piece follows a trio of circus artists, Louis Gift, Beren D'Amico and Charlie Wheeller of Barely Methodical Troupe (BMT), as they move through the streets and parks and warehouses of London - through natural live spaces in a remarkable way.

The film is organic and slick, the audio uninvasive but smooth, and the content easy and cool and has received an excellent response since release.


For the Love of Spock


Adam Nimoy has announced plans to produce and direct a documentary about his father Leonard Nimroy, titled 'For the Love of Spock.'

The film will be produced by David Zappone of Paramount's 455 Films and is planned for release in association with the 50th anniverary of 'Star Trek'. The series, created by Gene Roddenbury, first aired in September 1966 and has spawned several movies, books, comics, games and more.

'For the Love of Spock' will be narrated by Zachary Quinto, while William Shatner is rumoured to have agreed to feature in the film.

UCN Wolf Hall

BBC2's 'Wolf Hall' Sky High Ratings


BBC Two has announced that the critically acclaimed flagship drama Wolf Hall is the channel's highest-rating drama series since 2002. The adaptation of Hilary Mantel's Booker Prize-winning novels has become BBC Two's highest rating drama series in at least 13 years, receiving a consolidated average audience of 4.4 million viewers and 15.8 per cent share across the six episodes.

Peter Kosminsky, BAFTA-winning director, says: “I grew up in a three channel era when you really could say that a significant proportion of the population was simultaneously watching the latest TV drama. It’s therefore such a thrill to learn today that Wolf Hall has broken BBC Two’s own 'box office record’. Many millions of people made the choice to watch a difficult, challenging, highly political drama that only the BBC could make. I think that bodes well for the future.”

UCN Herzog and the monsters

Film London: Animation and US Execs Visit


Five high-profile animation executives from the US to London this week in a bid to promote the capital's animation industry, encourage co-production and boost the city's animation industry, will be arriving in the capital thanks to Film London.

Over three days the visitors from FreemantleMedia Enterprises, Marvel Television, Cinema Management Group, Tricon Kids and PBSan intimate, will enjoy an insider's view of London's animation industry. Additionally, they wil also be granted seminars highlighting UK's generous tax reliefs (up to 25% of qualifying expenditure on animated programmes) and the ease of conducting business with the capital's skilled industry.