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Category: Shorts
Sleeping Field

Fashion Film: 'The Sleeping Field'

Director of Photography: Max Witting

Undercranked's Max Witting recently shot the beautiful fashion film 'The Sleeping Field'. The film was produced by Moon Man Studios & Blindeye Films, directed by That Jam duo Sam Hurlock & Joe Beverley and graded by Toby Tomkins at Cheat.

The film has been shortlisted for Direction / Cinematography / VFX / Music / Hair & Make up at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival and recently won 'Best Short Short' at the London Independent Film Festival!


Short Film: 'Caleb'

Director of Photography: Ewan Mulligan

Random Cat's short, 'Caleb', was shot in London last year by Undercranked's Ewan Mulligan and producer by Amanda Mesaikos & Susanne Aichele. The film features a futuristic family and covers cloning by way of 3D printing.

Since relase, 'Caleb' has been awarded Best Screenplay at Boston SF16, and has featured in the official selection of several film festivals, Including New York's Tribeca, where it is currently screening.


Nowness: 'Bromance'

Director of Photography: Ewan Mulligan

Recently commissioned by Nowness, 'Bromance' is a short film directed by Bertil Nilsson and produced by Victoria Hutchins. Shot on RED Epic Dragon by Undercranked's Ewan Mulligan, the piece follows a trio of circus artists, Louis Gift, Beren D'Amico and Charlie Wheeller of Barely Methodical Troupe (BMT), as they move through the streets and parks and warehouses of London - through natural live spaces in a remarkable way.

The film is organic and slick, the audio uninvasive but smooth, and the content easy and cool and has received an excellent response since release.